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Firefly Club: a collective for special DJs

Sebastian Gruber turns the controls up and rocks in time with the music. Deep House, overlooking the Danube Canal. While people are sitting on the asphalt at the bottom of the canal, your toes are stretched in the sand up here. A young woman is sitting in one of the loungers on the Flex terrace, holding the after-work splash in her hand. Is anything different at this party than usual? "Yes! It feels like vacation. "

Christoph Sackl smiles at such answers: "Often people do not notice that events are different. I do not know if that's good or bad for us "...

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Music knows no exclusion

Music knows no exclusion. This is proved by Christoph Sackl and Sebastian Gruber. The two friends founded the Firefly Club five years ago. An association that trains people with intellectual disabilities to become DJs. After the training they are ready to make the Viennese and Lower Austrian music scene insecure. The mission of the two founders is clear: inclusion through music ...

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