Our Team


In order for our DJs to live up to their talent and their love of music, it takes a good team in the background who passionately supports it.

Seven dedicated women and men are at the heart of the Firefly Club,

working together for an inclusive society without prejudice

and equal opportunities for all.


The heart of Firefly Club:



Tireless energy, a big heart, courage, risk-taking and always an open ear. This is Christoph, one of the two founders of the Firefly Club, Boy for everything and the engine of the whole machine. At an even younger age, he lived in London for 13 years and worked in social work. In his free time, he was on the road as a hip DJ or attended parties for people with and without disabilities and was thrilled by the atmosphere. There were not only people with disabilities on the dance floor, but also behind the DJ desk. Back in Vienna, he wanted to implement the same concept - in 2012 the Firefly Club was born.




Without the help, the commitment and the organization of the starting capital, the Firefly Club would still be just a dream concept on Christoph's nights. But Sebastian, the second strong man in the team, has done just that. He is passionate about DJing and coaching, supervising and coordinating the monthly teen disco and is, according to his own words, "just a eager DJ". His disability was never an obstacle for him: In addition to his work at the Firefly Club, he is a full-time insurance salesman, goalkeeper for the national football team of disabled players, dancers and musicians.




Ivana believes that her professional experience can help the Firefly Club, while the club's work helps Ivana continue to believe in an open and inclusive society. She met Christoph a few years ago and immediately loved the idea of the Firefly Club. Ivana is a club cashier and also supports the Firefly Club in matters of tax law and accounting. This is despite their hectic nature and according to their own information - bad time management (which has never been noticed in the club) possible. In addition to the success of our DJs in the big wide world, she dreams of being self-sufficient.




Actually journalist she came by chance only a little over a year ago to the team. She basically wanted to write only one story and attended a DJ class. After the interview, she was so happy, because she had met such magnificent people and hired. Since then, she is responsible for all journalistic (such as this unique text) and marketing practices. Viktoria loves social engagement, a good after-work beer and of course all Firefly DJs. Besides, she loves (unfortunately) discussions and too often wants to be right.




This software developer is involved from the beginning. The old punk in the heart loves music and parties and is an avid DJ himself. In London he once attended a boxing training for a whole year. Even though that's almost 20 years ago, you still should not mess with him - especially when it comes to our DJs. Because he is not only interested in the integration of people with disabilities in our society, but also the other side: the integration of people without disabilities in the world of people with disabilities. Just as the Firefly Club DJs have introduced him to their world. Incidentally, in the Firefly Club he is the auditor, acts as a DJ accompaniment and in website management.




Kristina studied theater, film and media sciences and was looking for a facility that combines culture and social life, and she came across our association. Meanwhile, she works in art education. In the Firefly Club, the child-loving Kristina supports us in our project activities and is always seen as a party guest at our events. Sometimes their "healthy" schadenfreude comes to light.




Anyone who is so fond of supporting the Firefly Club financially or as part of the crowdfunding campaign lands on Patrick's desk. Because he is one of our auditors and ensures that all expenses end up in our project activities. He also supports events and is an avid dancer. Patrick is completely stress-free (some might call it not punctual). Above all, he is happy about many bills - please help us to give him more.